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Terms and Conditions for Submission of Ideas and Suggestions
  1. I understand that Bolthouse Farms does not want to accept or keep secret any information about my idea. I agree that my submission doesn’t establish any confidential relationship between us or any obligation by Bolthouse Farms to keep my idea secret.

  2. I agree that Bolthouse Farms can keep and use or license any part of my idea however it wishes and without owing any duty to me.

  3. I represent that I am the only owner of rights, title and interest to the idea that I am submitting. Or, if not, I have permission from the owner to submit the idea according to these Terms.

  4. If Bolthouse Farms asks for more information that I am only comfortable disclosing confidentially, we will first sign a separate confidentiality agreement. Any disclosure I make without a confidentiality agreement will be governed by these Terms.

  5. I understand that by submitting my idea, I am not giving Bolthouse Farms any rights under any current or potential future patents. However, I also understand and agree Bolthouse Farms may later challenge the validity or non-infringement of any patent claims or other intellectual property rights in my idea, even if Bolthouse Farms uses or compensates me for my idea. Any license or transfer to Bolthouse Farms of potential patent rights associated with my idea will be contained in a separate written agreement between Bolthouse Farms and me.

  6. All past negotiations and agreements between Bolthouse Farms and me are merged into and superseded by these Terms. These Terms cannot be changed or waived except in writing by an authorized Bolthouse Farms representative.

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Donation Request

Bolthouse Farms "thanks you" for your desire to include our organization in your upcoming event or fundraiser and we wish you great success. Bolthouse is dedicated to serving the community through a variety of interactive charity and community service programs. Bolthouse emphasizes healthy eating and living a healthy life through exercise, good nutrition and education.

The information below will detail Bolthouse's in-kind donation policy and guide you through the process for requesting a donation/sponsorship.

We would very much like to accommodate all requests; however, it is impossible to do so due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive on a regular basis. The following Donation Guidelines have been developed as a way to create consistency and fairness to organizations that seek our support.

  • Bolthouse donates product to nonprofit and charitable fundraising events throughout the United States and Canada but prefer to focus on areas where we or our retail customers have a local presence.
  • Bolthouse will normally only donate to an organization once in a 12-month period.
  • Please note that we do not consider donation requests for for-profit organizations/groups i.e. employee recognition/incentive programs, family reunions, weddings, etc.
  • All requests must be submitted 4 to 6 weeks prior to your event by completing the Donation Request Form on this website. Please complete all fields on the form.
  • The donation committee will award donations/sponsorships and the recipient will be notified by either telephone or email. Due to the large number of requests, we do not accept phone calls or emails regarding the status of a particular request, nor can we respond to each and every requestor whose application is not accepted.
  • The Bolthouse Donation Committee meets monthly. After each meeting, those organizations awarded donations/sponsorships will be notified by either telephone or email.
  • Thank you for your expressed interest in Bolthouse and very best wishes to your organization!